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  •   Siaogang Household Registration Office is located in the southwest of Kaohsiung.  The Siaogang district, bordered by Daliao district to the east, the Taiwan Strait to the west, Linyuan district to the south, and Cianjhen and Fongshan districts to the north, is quite broad and wide as an administrative district. In order to provide better service to the citizens who live in the remote area, we established the second office in 1998 and the third in 2001. The service items and quality of the two offices are the same as the head office.

    The original Household Registry Office on Siaogang Rd
    The third office in the area of Da Lin Pu.
    Head office on Siaogang Rd  

    The third office in Da Lin Pu area

    The second office in the area of Da Ping Ding.
    A full-scale lowered information counters for citizens’ easy access to attendants and for a close interaction.

    The second office in Da Ping Ding area


    Lowered counters for citizens’ application

    A spacious and comfortable surrounding for consulting affairs as well as kind and zealous attendants.   The exhibition of famous artists and paintings on irregular basis to increase atmosphere of art and literature and cultivate minds.

    Friendly and zealous staff


    Art gallery

    A bright and elegant intercourse lobby for employees to take a rest and compare notes of service.   A comfortable and leisurely area for citizens to rest and wait, in which it provides various kinds of newspapers and magazines for reading and television for watching.

    Bright and elegant staff lounge


    Comfortable and relaxing waiting area equipped with TV, newspapers and magazines